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The Ministry
    "Who Do You Say I Am?" is a music ministry dedicated to spreading The Word of God in a fun and exciting way. The professionals are available to perform nationally and regionally. Formed in October of 1997, the ministry performed in over 1200 engagements for enthusiastic audiences upon referral demand. The music ministry includes the unique and diverse talents and gifts of Youth Ministers and Music Ministers from throughout the Cleveland, Ohio area. The goal of the ministry is to inspire passion in Christ in the hearts of the young and the young at heart.

“I feel a real connection to them, they have a real spirit of evangelism”.
Jeff Wittmer NorthCoast Community Church
, Sandusky, Ohio


Well I have some news...I (Joel) am going to be leaving the band. I am going to be moving from Ohio soon and so I am very greatful for the opportunity that I have been given here with these guys, and girls...They are my life. I love them very much I know that the Lord will guide them in everything that they do. This was a very hard decision to make. People who know me know that I bleed this band, and I think this is what is best. thanks to all of our fans who have embraced me...I love you guys!!! I'm sure that we will run into each other some day.. God Bless...Joel

We just finished recording the Theme song for the LA Congress "Awake to Grace". This is song is going to be available through OCP. Check back for more info soon!

Check it out!!!
Ever since our equipment was stolen, our friends around the country have been sending us donations by checks, money orders...cash donations, and we have raised $15,000.00 so far. We still have a long way to go. But with your support we can reach our goal of $55k. We ask you for your continued support through prayers and donations

Look for "Who Do You Say I Am"  at the "Right to Life Ralley" and the MCI Center in D.C.

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